Our parish


St. Hallvard Parish covers the eastern and southern parts of Oslo as well as the municipalities of Ski, Ås, Frogn, Nesodden, Oppegård and part of Enebakk. It now has approximately 18,000 members.

OUR CHURCH and other mass locations

St. Hallvard is located on the hill called Enerhaugen, nestled between the neighbourhoods of Tøyen and Grønland in Oslo. Street address: Enerhauggata 4, 0651 Oslo. Telephone: (+47) 23 30 32 00. E-mail: Oslo-St.Hallvard@katolsk.no Website: https://sthallvard.katolsk.no/

Along with masses in our own church, we also celebrate masses at Holmlia Church (every Sunday at 5pm) and Skoklefall Church on Nesodden (every first and third Sunday of each month at 1:30pm).

MASS SCHEDULE in St. Hallvard Church

Monday – Friday: 6pm; Wednesdays also at 11am
Saturday: 11am; 6pm Sunday mass in Norwegian; 7pm Sunday mass in Polish
Sunday: 9:30am; 11am high mass (on the first Sunday of each month the 11am is a family mass); 1pm in Polish; 4pm in English; 7pm in Polish

Also on Sundays, masses in Eritrean are held first and third Sunday of each month at 2pm. The traditional Latin mass is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of each month at 8am.


St. Hallvard Parish offers catechesis for 1st graders on the first Sunday of each month (after the family mass). 2nd through 7th graders and 8th graders preparing for Confirmation meet one Saturday per month from 10am-2pm. For the 2014/15 school year, these classes are held on the following Saturdays: 13 September; 11 October; 8 November; 6 December; 10 January; 7 February; 14 March; 11 April; 9 May; 13 June.

Classes for the 9th grade Confirmation group are held after school (4:30-6:30pm) on Wednesdays or Thursdays every second week. Please contact the church office to register for any of the classes mentioned here.


If you would like to have your child baptised, if you would like to get married, if you or someone you know is sick or dying, please contact the church office in order to get in touch with a priest. For First Communion or Confirmation preparation, please see the information about catechesis in the foregoing section – and we also have marriage preparation classes in Norwegian, English and Polish.


For information about the priests and all who work for St. Hallvard (names and contact information), please go to the start page.